Top 7 Things Dog Lovers Must Remember

7 things dogs

As a fellow dog lover, I completely understand just how much information we have in our minds about dogs. We want to give our pets the best possible care and want them to have enjoyable lives.

However, since it is so much to remember, I decided to write a quick list of the top 7 things that dog lovers must remember.

Dogs have a short lifespan.

While humans can live nearly 100 years, dogs have a much shorter life span. Dogs typically live between 10-20 years, so it is important that we enjoy them while they are a part of our families!


Dogs must be groomed regularly.

It is important to keep your dog clean. Although they may protest against a bath, it is essential for their physical health (and for your home). Always make sure to find the time to bathe your pet, trim their nails, and groom their fur.

Human foods can be toxic.

I’ll admit that I am guilty of this at times — feeding your dog human food is not always a good idea. When our dogs are giving up puppy dog eyes for a bite of our food, sometimes we give in. But one thing dog lovers must always remember is to ensure if the food you are about to feed your pet is toxic.


Dogs may act aggressively out of fear.

My dog is afraid of other dogs, particularly larger dogs. However, he doesn’t hide behind me out of fear; instead, he growls and snarls at the other dog. It is important to remember that although your dog may behave aggressively, he/she could be afraid of the situation they are in.

Dogs are sensitive to their environment.

Dogs are sensitive to both indoor and outdoor environments. Your dog should be treated for fleas and ticks, you should always check to ensure that the ground is not too hot before taking them for a walk, and they should not be left out in the heat or cold for too long. Dogs are also sensitive to things inside of your home, such as air fresheners, some essential oils, or even stress that may be occurring within your home.

Remember that although your dog is an animal, they are sensitive to the environment around them.

Dogs may change their behavior if ill.

If your dog’s behavior suddenly changes, it is important to visit their vet. Dogs may begin to eat less, drink less, or behave lethargically if they are ill. Make sure you always observe your dogs behavior for any changes.


Dogs reduce human stress.

If you’re already a dog lover, you know this! Dogs physiologically reduce stress — it’s proven!

Dogs want to make their owner happy.

Your dog loves you unconditionally. Every time you walk in the front door, they behave as if they haven’t seen you in twenty years.

Although our dogs may behave poorly sometimes, they want to make you happy! Did you know that sometimes a dog will give you their toy if they think you’re bored? Yep. They want us to play and have fun too!


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