7 Tips For Taking Your Furry Friend To The Beach

tips dog beach

If you keep up with my ‘Adventure Paws’ posts, you already know I took Jackson to Myrtle Beach, SC a few weeks ago. If you don’t keep up with them, you know this information now! But more importantly, why aren’t you?!

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Anyways, since our adventure to the beach, I thought it could be helpful to provide you with some tips that I learned. So, here are some tips for taking your furry friend to the beach:

Check Pet Hours

Something I had been unaware of was that the city actually regulates specific hours that dogs can be on the beach, particularly during summer months. For Myrtle Beach specifically, dogs were not allowed on the between 10AM-5PM during May-September.

If you visit the beach with your pet, it is important to learn what the beach hours are. The last thing you want to do is break the rules!


Pay Attention to the Hotel Pet Policy

Apparently, my hotel had a policy that dogs were not allowed around the pool area. One night, I made the mistake of taking Jackson directly outside of our room. I didn’t have him close the pool at all, but we were in that area. After being scolded by an employee, I learned the important lesson of learning the hotel pet policy and adhering to those rules.

Make Sure the Sand Isn’t Hot

Just like with pavement, sand can get extremely hot. Before walking your pet on the sand, hold your palm to it for ten seconds. If your palm is burning, it isn’t safe to walk your pet.

However, if the sand is hot but you only this time gap to walk your pet, you can walk them near the water. As you near the water, the sand is moist and is no longer burning hot.


Clean Your Pet After the Beach

After you leave the beach and you are covered in sand, you want to wash off before laying down for a nap, right? Well, your pup needs that same cleanliness! You don’t have to give them a full bath, but at least use a damp rag to clean their fur.

Be Mindful of Their Behavior

My dog had never visited the beach before, so he had no idea what to expect (obviously he can’t Google beaches!). So, when we visited, he tried to sniff the sand which caused him to gag and he attempted to drink the salt water… that didn’t go so well!

If you are taking your pet to the beach for the first time, be mindful of their behavior. Your pet will not understand where they are, so you need to ensure that they are engaging in safe behavior.

Watch Them Around Waves

Jackson despises water so I didn’t have to worry about this, but I did notice other dogs playing in the ocean. As adorable as they were, I did worry, though, about the undercurrent and the waves themselves.

If your furry friend enjoys taking a dip, keep an eye on them while they play. They can get taken under the water just as easily as we can!


Take A Lot Of Photos

There aren’t many people who get the opportunity to take their pet to the beach. Trust me, it is a memory that you will cherish! So, take a lot of photos of your pup playing at the ocean.

You will never regret the amount of photos you take.

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