Story Time: Jackson Got A Little Brother

An open letter to the single woman on valentine's Day (4)

Happy Thanksgiving, dog lovers! I have got some wonderful news — news that I am beyond thankful for: Jackson got a little brother.

7901286E-0C62-4E96-BEFC-D4CFEB484E95Meet Tucker, the golden doodle. Nine-week old Tucker was a surprise Christmas present from my amazing future husband. For months we had discussed how we thought Jackson needed a playmate. When we are home, Jackson has been extremely lethargic. It’s obvious he loves to play when he is around other dogs, but he rarely had the chance to be around any.

However, after a few hours of Tucker arriving at our home, all of that changed.

It has only been four days, but I promise you that Jackson’s behavior has become more energetic and overall happy. Rather than napping the day away, he spends his time playing with Tucker… well, until Tucker passes out for one of those lengthy puppy naps.

Puppies can be challenging, but Tucker has been a huge blessing in all of our lives. So, on this Thanksgiving I am thankful for both him and Jackson.

What are you thankful for? Send me pictures of your adorable pups on Instagram for a shoutout & follow me to keep up with cute content of Jackson and Tucker!



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