Infections, Broken Bones, And Vet Bills, Oh My!

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At this point, I am considering creating a GoFundMe account to pay for veterinarian bills (ha!). My future husband cracks the humorous joke that our local vet is slowly becoming our second home.

Here’s a brief synopsis of all that has happened over the past month:


sick jacksonIf you have read my previous blog posts, you know that Jackson endured a stint in doggy hospital. He was deemed to have a stomach infection, which had caused his heart rate to sky rocket to 250. It was a very scary moment because they were initially unsure of what was causing this problem. But after a few hours, they determined the cause.

Thankfully, after a full 24 hours hospitalized and plenty of medications, Jackson fully recovered.


We adopted Tucker, who you read about in my most recent post, exactly one week and one day ago. The night we brought Tucker home, we recognized odd behavior. He wasn’t playing, he was breathing heavily, and he wasn’t using the bathroom regularly. So, we took him to the vet. Turns out, switching dog food had upset his stomach. A round of sick tuckermedication and a strict diet of only boiled chicken cured this issue.

Friday, we visited the vet once again to procure Tucker’s first round of vaccinations. This was a normal, planned trip.

However, last night we visited the vet again. Tucker had fallen off the bed yesterday morning and had continued limping throughout the day. After a quick Google search, we learned that if a dog won’t put any pressure on the foot at all, it could mean that there is a break. After about thirty minutes at the vet, we learned that he had fractured his tibia. Poor Tucker is now sporting a stint and a cone for five weeks.

Talk about a rough start, am I right?!

What I Have Learned

First and foremost, I learned that caring for two dogs (especially when these dogs hit a round of bad luck) is difficult and expensive. It has been far more challenging that I ever dreamed, but I am thankful that both of my pups are alive and well.

Since I’ve had plenty of experience with vet visits recently, I wanted to provide some things that I have learned for you:

1. CareCredit is a lifesaver.

CareCredit is a credit card that you can obtain specifically for your pet. During this process, we procured this credit card. Vet bills can add up and this is a handy tool to help!

Note: If you pay off the charges within 6 months of them being applied, no interest will be charged.

2. Pet Insurance may be a good idea.

Jackson has been with me for nearly two years and I never thought pet insurance is a good idea. However, I recently learned that you can obtain pet insurance for $25 a month. Some insurance plans will cover 80% of the treatment, while you pay a deductible and the remaining 20%.

If that doesn’t sound great to you, ask me how much I’ve paid in vet bills over the past month or so!

3. Trust your gut.

The day that Jackson got sick (the stomach infection), I was about to leave for church. The church I planned on attending that day was one hour away, and I planned to spend a good amount of time in that town. However, something in my gut told me that Jackson wasn’t okay.

And thank God I listened. So, if your dog is behaving somewhat differently and your gut tells you something is wrong, check it out!

4. Better safe than sorry.

Poor Tucker spent hours with a fractured foot yesterday simply because I assumed it was a mere sprain. In the end, we did take him to the vet and he has begun the healing process. But trust me, that $40 exam fee is worth it! You never know if something more dangerous could be happening with your furry friend.

5. Pay attention.

I know that life gets busy, but always make sure that you are paying attention to your pets behavior. They cannot speak to us, so we can only determine if something is wrong by their behavior. If your pet is behaving more lethargic than usual, if he won’t eat or drink, if his bowel movements are irregular, if his breathing has changed, or anything else, make sure you get him to a vet.

Do you have any tips that I didn’t mention? If so, contact me! I’d love to learn even more about how to properly care for our furry friends.



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