Story Time: My Favorite Memories From 2019

During 2019, so many things happened — both good and bad. Throughout this entire year, many memories have been made and since 2020 is quickly approaching, I think it is a great time to focus on some of my favorite memories with both Jackson and Tucker from 2019.

Car Rides

52838505_2354386181246996_8365203095411490816_nHonestly, one of my favorite things to do with Jackson is take a car ride. It is something that he absolutely loves. Usually, I will buckle Jackson in the front seat (yes, I use a seat buckle for my dog, ha!) and we will drive around. During our drives, we inevitably visit Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee and a cup of whipped cream for him.

I’m not sure how this trend of ours began, but it is something that happens often. Throughout 2019, we have experienced many random car rides together and all have been enjoyable, leading to wonderful memories and many nose smudges on my car windows.

One Year “Adoptaversary”

February of this year marked one year since I had adopted Jackson.

It was a day full of good times, reminiscing on the rainy day that I had picked him up, remembering how much growth he has endured since coming home with me, and of course, we also had a huge number balloon to commemorate the day.

Although Jackson may be a dog, I try to make occasions like his “adoptaversary” or “gotcha day” special. And this year it definitely was!

Visiting Tennessee

Jackson visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee twice in 2019. On these trips he usually doesn’t get to do much, as we are usually doing things that are not pet-friendly, but he does get to gomoonpie on some outings!

One of my favorite memories was when we drove to the top of Clingmans Dome — a mountain in which three states meet in one area — and took in the beautiful view. Another favorite memory (probably my most favorite, actually) was when we attempted to find a beautiful valley, but inevitably failed, and ended up sharing Moonpies on the side of some random road.

No matter how uneventful these memories may seem, they are fond in my heart.

My Engagement

Prior to getting engaged, I had told Chris that regardless of what he planned for a proposal, two things were required: first, I wanted photographs of it and secondly, I wanted Jackson to be involved. In the end, he pulled it off perfectly! I actually made a blog post about this earlier this year on my separate blog.


Although Jackson may have rolled in cow poo literally the moment we got out of the car and gotten his adorable bow tie disgusting and smelly, it was hands-down one of the most memorable moments of my life thus far. You may think he couldn’t have possibly known what was happening, but the attached photo for this memory can prove to you that he knew something was happening between his humans!


Since I adopted Jackson, one of my favorite activities to do with him has been hiking. And trust me, he loves it too!

In 2019, we decided to go camping and of course, Jackson joined us. It was a memorable event, along with all of the other hikes that we completed. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of spending a day in the mountains with my future husband and my furry four-legged friend(s).

Jackson’s Second Birthday

Each year, I celebrate Jackson’s birthday. Like I previously mentioned, I love celebrating bdayoccasions like these! For his first birthday, we went on a hike and purchased him a cup of whipped cream. For his second birthday, we visited my parents house. His two friends were present and there was even cake (for the humans, of course!).

As with all of his birthdays, Jackson took a photo with a number balloon and this year he even wore a birthday boy bandana.

Oh my goodness… I’m officially one of those dog moms, aren’t I? And guess what? I love every second of it! And I’m sure Jackson does too. After all my pup endured when he was young, he deserves a birthday party.

 The Beach

beachThis summer, my family took a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In fact, I have a recent blog post dedicated to this trip!

This trip was definitely memorable. Not only did I make amazing memories with my family and future husband, but I made wonderful memories with Jackson as well. He may not have liked the water — in fact, I think he was terrified about why the water kept attacking him — but he definitely loved the sand. There was nothing better than walking the beach with him in the morning and the evenings and watching him run across the sand.

One of the most comical moments of this trip was before Jackson realized you cannot sniff sand like you can grass. A nose full of sand taught him a valuable lesson about the beach!

Adding Tucker To The Family

For months, I had been begging Chris for a second dog. I knew that Jackson needed a friend. Yes, he had two “friends” attend his birthday party, but one of those passed away shortly after and the other one lives with my mom two hours away from us. So, I thought he needed a friend. Or better yet, a sibling!


However, each time I mentioned it I was met with the same response: “We can get a second dog when we buy a house”. But one day, I awoke from a nap to learn that Chris had actually contacted someone to get us a goldendoodle, who would soon receive the name Tucker and become part of our family.

Adopting Tucker has definitely been a highlight of the year. Although it has been a challenge, especially with his fractured leg, I would never wish to not have him. He has added so much to our family and he brings Jackson plenty of fun!

Here’s to wishing for even more wonderful memories in 2020!

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