I adopted Jackson (featured in the attached photo) in February of 2018. He had been abandoned in Eastern Kentucky and needed a home. Luckily, at that same time, I needed a four-legged best friend!

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Even as a child I had a passion for animals, but this passion truly became ignited after I had spent a few months with Jackson. He had become my constant companion and it became my passion to share this companionship and joy with the world. Moreover, it became my passion to encourage others to receive this companionship as well.

Jackson truly is the face behind Pawsitively Adopted, but other people and animals are the flame that keeps my passion burning! This blog is dedicated to sharing stories about animal rescue and adoption, as well as sharing information about how to adopt and what to expect.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, you are in the right place! If you have a specific informational request, contact me via email at: kelsi.noble@icloud.com.

If you have your own adoption story, please share! I would love to feature your testimony on this site. You can email your story with a photo attached to kelsi.noble@icloud.com. I would love to hear about your adoption story! And no worries, I don’t discriminate — I will share about any and all animals.

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